Essen 2015 – Favor of the Pharoh

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Dominion meets Yahtzee.

It’s better than it sounds.

A bunch of tiles are placed in certain rows under a thin strip of card. This thin strip shows you what you need to gain that tile.

For example, you start the game with 3 red dice and roll them. You roll and ‘lock’ any number of dice and then re-roll the rest as long as you lock one before each roll, standard stuff.

Favor of the Pharoh

If you lock a “3 of a kind” you take the tile under that roll, in this case you have a “1” every turn.

The goal… get 6 of a kind or more.

If you do you get the ‘Favor of the Pharoh”, and a little wooden token.

Then, everyone has one roll to either get more of the same number as you, or the same number of matching dice of a higher value.

Then it goes back to the player with the Favour… If they’re still winning they win the game. If not they get one roll to win but the Favour tile gives them one extra die of any side… a bit of a deserved advantage.

This is actually pretty good. You’re trying to roll and lock dice to get tiles to get abilities and more dice to build up to get 6 of a kind as quick as possible.

Some dice are custom and unique and not all the dice are going to be in each game, it depends on the tiles.

There are a TONNE of tiles so the games vary quite a bit. We played this 2-3 times over the weekend at Essen and enjoyed it each time.

Very good game, glad I picked it up.

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