Essen 2015 – The Curse of the Black Dice

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Semi co-op dice placement with Pirates.

Where too much treasure grabbing could sink your ship.

You have 6 mission tilesĀ in a row, each represented by a side of the black dice.

Each player rolls 5 black dice and put them next to their corresponding tile. This is the number of dice you need to put on that mission to pass it.

The Curse of the Black Dice Pirates

Players roll and assign one type of dice to one of the missions to try and match or exceed the number of black dice to complete the mission, but also try and get a majority on a particular mission to get a reward.

This sees players trying to put more dice on the ‘get treasure’ mission (most treasure wins the game) and potentially ignoring a mission to prevent the ship taking damage.

If the ship sinks, the game ends and everyone loses. The same happens if all the crew die… crew have abilities you can you to re-roll dice etc To use them requires Rum, too much Rum and they’re out for the count.

The Curse of the Black Dice

I thought this was going to be a pretty standard, boring dice placement game but it’s actually very fun.

If you’re winning you have to make sure the crew survive to get to the end game but then you’re not getting treasure. If you’re losing you need treasure, to hell with the ship! The winner will be the player who gets this balance between greed and heroism right.

There a plenty of different mission tiles too.

Shame we spotted this last thing on a Sunday as I was out of Euros… But I will be buying this once it’s available.

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