Essen 2015 – CS-Files

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This is one I had on my wishlist for a while.

Concept/Mysterium meets Werewolf?

Role cards are distributed. In our 4 player game we had a Forensic Scientist, 2 Investigators and a Murderer.

The Forensic Scientist reveals themselves, everyone else remains hidden.

Everyone has 4 cards showing the weapons and 4 cards showing something else… not sure what it’s supposed to be.

Everyone closes their eyes and the murderer points to 2 of their cards, one of each so the Forensic Scientist knows what they are.

CS Files Cards

The Forensic Scientist picks a few tiles, some set, some random, and places counters on each to point towards the murderers selected cards.

For example, I picked a Wine Bottle as the murder weapon so the Forensic Investigator picked Bar on the location tile.

Investigators and the Murder discuss where the clues could point to. Once ready, everyone can make a suggestion… You can cash in your token to have a proper guess to win the game, but for now suggestions would do.

Then the Forensic Scientist draws a new tiles and replaces one in play. This updates the clues giving people a fresh angle to work with.

CS Files

This happens once more and players must then cash in their chip to make a proper guess.

If one of the Investigators is right, they win. Other wise the murderer wins.

This was a great game but probably needed a few more players. Like One Night Ultimate Werewolf the more players means more roles and it’s the same here.

With more players you can add the Accomplice (knows the murder and solution and helps them) and Witness (knows who is the Murderer and Accomplice but doesn’t know which is which. If murderer is caught they can point out the witness to win the game anyway, like the Assassin in Avalon.)

Very good game, but I do want to play it with 6 people to get those extra roles in.

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