Essen 2015 – Code of Nine

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From the maker of Tragedy Looper…

…something just as crazy.

So this is a very simple worker placement game.

Everyone has 2 secret goals and 3 action pawns.

There are a TONNE of actions on the board but the board is divided up into sections. Each round, a new section is available to everyone so while it looks complex at first, you learn each section a bit of a time.

The goals each player has will show you how to score at the end of the game, but each of the 8 (in a 4 player game) effect everyone…

Code of Nine Board

So not only are you collecting resources and stealing them from other players, you’re also taking actions to look at other players goals.

After several rounds you flip over all the goals and go through them, work out your score and the most points wins.

But it’s not that straight forward. Some of them can prevent you from winning by either not having enough of something or even having too much.

Code of Nine Cards

It’s a very interesting and surprisingly quick.

The goals are going to change up game play a lot. Like Argent and similar games, you need watch other players to see what they’re doing and try and work out their goals. There’s a big sheet (like Tragedy Looper) showing all the goals to remind you what you’re doing.

So yeah, pretty good game and I hope to play it again.

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