Essen 2015 – The Bloody Inn

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Queued for what felt like forever to play this!

Was it worth it?

So this is a game where you run an Inn, but you realise that killing the guests and stealing their stuff will make you more money than one nights room rental.

But, as the police are visiting your Inn you have to make sure you’re hiding the bodies so you don’t get caught.

It’s a hand management game where you’re using those cards in your hand to do ‘something’ with the hotel guests.

Bloody Inn Cards

Each guest has a value and you can recruit or kill them by discarding that may cards from your hand. If you recruit them they come into your hand, any cards used to get them that have the “recruit” icon return to your hand, the rest are discarded.

To kill you place the now dead guest face down in front of you and discard the cards used unless they have the Kill icon.

Cards in your hand can be put in-front of you and turned into places you can bury bodies, same card actions apply. Some of these also have abilites and end game scoring conditions.

These ‘annexes’ are places you can bury bodies (same card play again) and you get the money the bodies have.

You need to bury them because when everyone has finished playing actions, and any law type men are left in the hotel they will investigate you. You lose any unburied bodies and have to pay 10 gold each to have them taken them away… oops.

You then gain money for people staying in your room if anyone is left, then you lose 1 money for each card in your hand. If you can’t pay you lose them so be careful.

So you’re managing your hand and bodies until the game ends, most money wins.

This is a very good game with lots to it. You don’t always have enough time to do everything… You only get 2 actions per round so if you kill someone you either need to bury the body that turn, or hope/know there are no Police investigations that turn.

Also you can only hold 40 money (French Francs) so you have to spend actions cashing it in for tokens, or cashing tokens in for money if things go really bad. As money is points you need to do this so you don’t lose out by going over 40.

Very good game, worth the wait 🙂

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