Essen 2014 – Wok Star

Posted on by Jesta

If you’re going to give your game a name like this… better be good!

So you turn over cards and they show what the customer wants. You spend the ingredients that you need by matching the recipe card. The card tells you which table (player) is next.

This drawing and moving ingredients is timed, you have 15-30 seconds per table depending on the difficulty.

Wok Star Game Play


Each player, a part form having a special ability, produces ingredients. You roll dice at the beginning of your turn and you use dice on your own cards, or pass to others to use in order to gain ingredients. This needs to be done before the timer is stopped.

After a round you can upgrade your ingredients cards or buy new recipes.

The goal is to make $80 is rounds 3, we made $75… oh well!

Not  bad game but one play was enough for me.

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