Essen 2014 – Samurai Spirit

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Protect the Village and their crops from the Oni-Musha clan.

But don’t get me angry!

There is a Village in the centre of the table that has Farmsteads and Family tokens surrounded by Barricades.

Samurai Spirit Villiage

Each player chooses a Samurai board and places it on the table human-side-up with a Samurai meeple on space 0 of the battle track.

The game lasts 3 rounds where you are trying to protect the village from raiders.

Players take turns clockwise until a stack of Raider stack has been used up OR until all players have passed.

At the start of your turn if you have Raider cards to the right of your board you MUST apply the penalty on the last card.

Then you carry out one of 3 actions.

Fight by turning over the topmost Raider card on the stack, this is your current opponent.

You must decide whether to Confront the Raider or Defend against the Raider.

Confront – Place the Raider card TO THE RIGHT of your board and move your Samurai meeple to show the total of the values shown on your Raider cards.

Each player has a Kiai value and where this total is in relation to this value decides what you do next.

If the total is LESS THAN your Kiai value, you stand your ground (nothing happens)
If the total is EQUAL TO your Kiai value, you may immediately activate your Kiai power
If the total is GREATER THAN your Kiai value, you are overcome by the raiders and must immediately remove one village Barricade, you are now out for the round.

Samurai Spirit Character

Defend – Place the Raider card TO THE LEFT of your board but you can only defend against Raiders with a hat, farm, or doll symbol if you don’t already have one.

You can also Support help a fellow Samurai by handing them your support token, this lets them use your special ability next turn but you add the top raider card to the Intruder stack without looking at it.

Pass by laying down your meeple on its current space in the battle track, you’re now out of the round.

If all players have passed, the remaining cards in the raider deck and placed on the intruder stack then…

Each Samurai who has not defended against a Hat symbol takes a Wound.
Each Samurai who has not defended against a Farm symbol destroys a Farmstead.
Each Samurai who has not defended against a Family symbol destroys a Family.
Reveal cards one by one from the Intruder deck, for each Raider with flames in the bottom right, remove a Barricade. If a Barricade cannot be removed, remove a Farmstead instead.

This goes on for 2 more rounds with larger enemies added in each round.

It was fun, we won and quite easy so I wonder how much we got wrong. Lot’s of people saying this is hard/impossible.

I think we played it right though, may just need to crank up the difficulty 🙂

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