Essen 2014 – Primiera

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A team based card game.

But you don’t know who is on your team… yet.

Cards are dealt to all players randomly, except the Herald (1) cards which are dealt to everyone.

4 cards are laid out in the middle of the table a play can begin.

When playing a card, if you can, you pick up cards equal to the value of the played card. ¬†For example, if you have a 6 you can pick up a 4 and a 2… But if a 6 is on the board too, you have to take that instead.

Primiera Contents


These cards are going face down in your score pile. If you pick up all the cards on the table this is a ‘sweep’ and you can turn 1 of the cards face up in the score pile.

The Heralds are special, they have a value of 1 which is awful but they have a special ability. One has an arrow pointing left, one right, one up and one down. The first player to play a Herald in a round sets the teams for that round. So if I play the one pointing to my right, the player on my right and I are a team for this round. The same goes for my left and across from me.

The arrow pointing to myself means its everyone for themselves this round.

Scoring is cool too. Teams combine cards and score together.

The team that has the most cards win a point.

The team that has the most coins from the Coin suit takes a point.

The team with the 7 of coins gets a point.

Them there is the Primiera. The team with the highest Primiera wins and this is determined by taking the card from each suit with the highest Primiera value. 7’s are the highest.

This is a nice game, my kind of game. A simple card game that requires a fair bit of thought.

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