Essen 2014 – Six MaKING

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Build Chess Figures!

My head hurts…

This is an odd one. You place a piece on the board, anywhere. Taking turns to do so.

A piece on its own moves like a King in chess and takes pieces in this way…. You can only move a piece if you can take another piece.

In this game when you take a piece you put it on top of the stack. Taking a Pawn with another Pawn makes it a Rook and it moves as such. Take a Pawn with that Rook and it’s now a Knight. A stack of 4 is a Bishop, 5 is a Queen and 6 is a King and you win.

Six MaKING Components

The colour on top of the stack determines who controls the piece. If that isn’t mind bending enough you can split a stack. Say you have a Bishop, a stack of 4… You can pick up say, 2 from that stack and move them diagonally leaving a Rook behind and creating a new stack one the stack you have just taken.

This is a very well designed game and a complete brain burner.

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2 Responses to Essen 2014 – Six MaKING

  1. Tomi Kiss says:


    Thanks for the review!

    Just a little remark. Actually the colour on top of the stack doesn’t determine who controls the piece. Once on the board, both players can move both colors. The color of the topmost disk only determines the winner when it is on top of a stack that is at least 6 disks high.

  2. Jesta says:

    Thanks Tomi, Updated the post 🙂

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