Essen 2014 – Kobayakawa

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15 cards, 7 rounds.

Many sighs…

Each player starts with 4 coins and is essentially betting each round with the winner being the person with the most at the end of the 7 rounds.

The 7 rounds are marked by 8 coins on the table, 1 for rounds 1-6 and 2 for round 7.

Simply shuffle the deck of 15 cards and deal out a card to each player, put the rest of the deck into a draw pile. Turn over the top card of the deck, this is the Kobayakawa.

Starting with the first player, either…

Draw a card and discard either card from your hand in front of you.
Turn over the top card of the deck into the discard pile, changing the Kobayakawa card.
Once everyone has taken 1 action, this phase ends, now we fight! (not literally)

Starting with the first player, either…

Stay and Fight by placing one of your coin on your card.
Pass and drop out, keeping your card secret.
Once everyone has had a turn, this phase ends.

Everyone reveals their card, the player with the lowest card adds the value of the Kobayakawa the total.
The highest value wins all bets and also takes the coin for the round.
Ties are given to the player closest to the start player.

This continues with the 7th round being different as you can bet up to 2 coins.

This is a very quick fun game with a No Thanks!-ish play and a Cash n Guns style courage phase.

If a player discards, say, a 6… Do they have a lower card and are hoping to add the Kobayakawa? Or a higher one and think they can win.

This is a nice game, one I can see bringing with me everywhere.

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