Essen 2014 – King of New York

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From Tokyo to New York

Same game and that’s a good thing.

It’s pretty much the same as King of Tokyo so here are the differences…

Buildings are shuffled into piles of 3 and 3 piles are put in each borough in New York.

Starting with the first player, take turns putting your monster in any borough but Manhattan.

Resolve dice

Attack, Heal and Energy are the same as KoT, including yielding

Destruction – Destroy 1 durability of a building for each symbol rolled. If its destroyed, gain points, health or energy depending on the item destroyed. Then Flip over the destroyed building to their Unit side. If you destroy a Unit you keep it in front of you.

Celebrity – Roll 3 to take the Superstar card and gain 1 point plus 1 for superstar rolled over 3.

Ouch – Each rolled gives you 1 point of damage per unit in your borough.
Rolling 2 causes each unit to attack each monster in your borough.
Rolling 3 causes each unit in New York to attack each monster in their district.
Rolling 4+ gives you the Statue of Liberty card.

King of New York Game Play

After resolving dice, you Move
Into Manhattan if its empty, if Manhattan is taken, either stay still or move to another borough. If you’re in Manhattan, move up one space, you don’t move if in Upper Manhattan.
You can never have more than 2 monsters in any borough at a time.

So that’s the difference. Same game, made a bit better. I’m glad to own both.

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