Essen 2014 – Hick Hack in Gackelwack

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Chickens, Foxes and Poo…

…and frustration!

This in the same series of games as Heck Meck with game play like Om Nom Nom.

There are 6 farms that have a random cube dropped on each one. Each player then plays a card from their hand and simultaneously reveals.

Hick Hack In Gackelwack Game Play

If you play a chicken, you eat all the cubes on that tile and discard your chicken. Cubes are in 3 colours worth 1, 2 and 3 points. If more than 1 player plays a chicken to the same farm they either negotiate a split or rolls a D6 and add that to the value of the chicken, winner takes all.

If you play a poo card (worth -2 points), you take a green cube from the farm that matches the colour no matter who else played a chicken there.

Hick Hack In Gackelwack Cards

If you play a fox you eat all the chickens that match the colour farm of the fox you have played. Chickens are worth their value in points at the end of the game.

After a few rounds the game ends. You get points for your cubes and chickens you ate.

Hick Hack In Gackelwack Scoring

It’s really fun. I compared it with Om Nom Nom because you might have a farm with 6-7 points worth of cubes on it so do you play a Chicken to eat them? But other players will so maybe you go for that 3-4 point farm which will have less competition. But maybe you have a 6 value Chicken and will have a position of power to negotiate from if you need to… But what if someone plays a fox and eats you all.. or why not play the fox yourself?

I love this kind of game. We played it a couple of times in the evening, once playing 2 cards a turn and once playing one (which is correct for 4 players).

Playing 2 cards was fun and added something but it also gave you a safety net, the fear wasn’t there. You could play a safe card and risky one and usually end up getting something out of it.

Looking forward to playing it again.

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