Essen 2014 – Heroes of the Three Kingdoms

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Get all your cards in a row…

..and protect the hell outta ’em!

This is a very simple game (theme of Essen for me) where you play Hero cards from your hand of 5 either by colour or by symbol, as many as you like.

The Goal is to recruit the most Heroes of the different factions, there are 5 factions with different art for each Hero card.

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Cards

You shuffle the castles and deal one to each player, the player with the starting castle goes first. Then shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards to each player to get their Kingdom started by placing 3 Heroes in front of them by colour.

Then each player draws 5 cards.

One your turn either…

Play a Hero – As many cards as you wish with the same colour or same icon, then, take 1 card from each player either side of you that matches the colour/icon you played. This is called ‘Scouting’ and you can only take the top most card in a pile this way.

Play a Contract – Play up to 5 contract cards for either ability one at a time in any order, the abilities are…

Scout – Take the topmost hero from any player.
Secure – Pick a colour and put the contract card on top of that stack, protecting it from being Scouted in the future.
The player(s) with the most of that colour put one card of that colour under their castle for end of round scoring.

Then you draw back up to 5 cards.

When a player can not draw back up to 5 cards the round ends and everyone takes even turns.

You then score the round by having players count the Heroes of each colour one at a time (not including Heroes under the Castle) scoring 3 points for having the most of that colour. You note this by putting 3 of those Heroes under your Castle and second place scores 1 point.

If you have less than 3 Heroes, score that many points, ties score 1 point each and second place scores nothing.

Play one round where each player goes first

This is another one of those games I like, a light quick card game with tactical choices.

We only played one round at Essen but we enjoyed it, looking forward to playing a full game.

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