Essen 2014 – Fatal Rendez Vous

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Dancing, Spinning and Blinking…

..also, Muuuurderrrrrr.

This is a Werewolf style game based in a dinner party… kinda?

It requires a Moderator, or Butler as it is in this case.. they wear a Bow Tie which is included in the game.

Players are assigned roles, 2 Assassins and the rest are guests.

Players dance around the room, moving around.Then everyone closes their eyes in a sort of ‘Night Phase’. The Assassins open their eyes and pick a play to kill. They do this by tapping them on the should 3 times. The victim (is supposed to) count down from 10 then die by screaming.

Wanna see what that looks like? I took this video at Essen where two of my friends were the Assassins. ( I was dead!)

The dead people are out of the game. But everyone votes to pick two people to be arrested. They are handcuffed together (again, the handcuffs come with the game) and sit out the next round.

Then comes the day party, players dance in circles with their eyes open and the Assassin signal their target by blinking at them.

Sounds silly but works. It gives the Guests some information.

Fatal Rendez Vous Game Play

You play until al the Guests are dead or both Assassins are arrested together and no one dies during the night.

It was fun, silly fun but could be proxied? It wasn’t expensive but most bits you could make yourself.

Like any good Werewolf style game, there are more roles too and a lot of them sound really good.

One to pick up on the cheap I think.

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