Essen 2014 – Empire Engine

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A quest to have the bestest Engine in all the Empire.

This game can turn on you.

You start with 2 cogs, left and right. In the first round everyone simultaneously reveals them and resolves actions on the top edge of the cog.

You can Arm Soldiers, Produce Goods into your ready pile or and Invent Inventions directly into your score pile.

You can Attack another player or Defend from a potential attack.

Or you can Export all of your goods from your stock to your score pile or Salvage a cube from your stock to your score pile.

Empire Engine Cheat Sheet


Your Stock is open information, your score pile is secret. But this game sounds dull so far, let’s get to the good bit.. gears.

From round 2 onwards you put a gear under your Engine and simultaneously reveal. The 2 and 1 turn the gear 2 or 1 space to the right, changing the top most icon and selecting your action for that cog this round.

You can use a cube form your stock pile and place it on the cog before revealing to use their alternate amount of 3 and 0.

Empirte Engine Game Play


You play over a few rounds and points are scored for cubes in your score pile.

The game has interesting choice When to defend, when to attack. I want to Export but my opponent knows that so they’ll attack but I can’t Export and Defend on the same turn etc etc

Lot’s of things to consider every move. The game doesn’t last too long either. A pretty good game I’m glad to own.

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