Essen 2014 – Dungeons Guilds

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Cute on the outside…

…evil on the inside!

In this game you need to earn the most gold by exploring and defeating dungeons.

Each player starts with a set of Heroes, each with a strength of 1-5 and $2.

Shuffle the Dungeon Master cards, put 1 per player in a deck and put the rest in the box.

Each round you shuffle the room cards and deal out 1 card per player face down. These are ranked level 1 to 3 and are placed in ascending order with a dungeon master room at the bottom.

Players then secretly choose 2 adventurers to not take part this round and then you get gold equal to their healing level. So leaving out the stronger Heroes for the round gains you the most Gold now but you don’t get to use them.

After this set up phase there are 3 more phases in a round.

Placement – The first player takes one of 3 actions and passes play to the left.
The last player takes 2 actions, play continues right and the first player taking 2 actions etc
Play continues until all players have exactly 2 Adventurers in the dungeon. You can…

Place an Adventurer – Either on the left or right space on any dungeon, if there are two Heroes and their strength is equal to or greater than the maximum strength of the Dungeon it becomes locked.

Bump an Adventurer – If a Dungeon is full and still unlocked you can bump an adventurer from a space and replace it with an adventurer with a greater strength. You pay a fee to the Bank/Bumped player depending on the level of the Dungeon.

Replace an Adventurer – Replace one of your own adventurers with one of greater strength in an unlocked Dungeon playing 1 to the bank

Pass – If you have 2 adventurers in the dungeon you can pass, but you may be able to take actions later in your turn. If your two adventurers are both in locked Dungeons there is nothing else for you to do.

Then there is the Resolution Phase, starting with the lowest level dungeon, flip the card and resolve it. If the combined strength of the adventurers are equal to or greater than the defence of the room, it is defeated. The treasure value of the room is divided between the players owning the adventurers in the Dungeon with the stronger adventurer taking any remainder.

Resolve the next room and continue until all rooms have been completed or there is a failure… If a failure, the current room, and ALL REMAINING ROOMS fail.

Players pay the bank equal to the total of healing costs on their adventurers in all failed rooms.

After each player has taken a turn going first, the player with the most money wins with tiebreakers being broken by the player with the stronger unplaced adventurer on the final round.

I’ve been after it for a year ever since Tom Vasel did a review on this. It’s quite backstabby without being overly backstabby. You can try and make early dungeons fail if you see your opponents locking down later ones, why should they get all the treasure?

A good fun game, looking forward to playing it more.

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