Essen 2014 – Dragon Slayer

Posted on by Jesta

A Push Your Luck dice game about slaying Dragons.

Challenge me if you dare!

There are 3 Dragons to pick which are easy, medium and hard each worth an increasing amount of points.

You pick a Dragon and roll its 3 dice along with your 4 dice. You trying to roll and Head, Body and Tail on the Dragon along with an Axe on your dice.

If you do, you kill it and can either quit and bank your points or try another dragon.

You lose a die for each Dragon breath you roll but protect yourself from one for each Shield you roll.

When you bank your dice you pass play to the left.


Dragon Slayer Components

You each have a challenge chip too. This let’s you tempt someone into pushing their luck further by rewarding them for their efforts.

It was OK, not Dungeon Roll though.

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