Essen 2014 – Dark Tales

Posted on by Jesta

Everyday they’re out there making…

Dark Tales! Woo-oo!

Come for the art work, stay for the game.

Dark Tales Components

You basically draw a a card, play a card then do what it says on it. Cards are played either in front of you, in the middle or to the discard pile. Most have an effect depending on what is in play such as ‘gain 2 points for each evil character in play’.

Cards go back and fourth in and out of play and players will gain points and items as the game goes on.

Items can be used in different ways from game to game which takes us to the best bit.

There are two scoring cards in each game and both are taken from a random pile so each game plays quite differently.

We played this twice, once with just the base set then back at the hotel with the expansion and enjoyed both. Looking forward to playing it again.

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