Essen 2014 – Click & Crack

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Heavy footed Penguins and Crack.

But very cute.

4 penguins, one ice floe.

Put ice floe tiles in a 5×5 grid and give each player Penguins and action tokens of their colour. Starting with the first player and in turn order, place a penguin on an intersection
Then, in reverse turn order do the same with your other Penguin.

Choose the facing of your action tiles and cover them, then everyone reveals simultaneously.

The Walk Action moves a Penguin to the next intersection in the direction your action tile is facing. If you move into another penguin you push it to the next intersection, this can chain a lot and if you push a penguin on the edge of the board you just move it along the edge instead.

Click and Crack Game Play

The Break Action adds a Crack to the ice floe, put a crack marker on a line between 2 tiles in the direction of your penguin the action tile is facing.

If cracks fence off an area, break off the smallest part of the flow and the player that made the last crack keeps the floe tiles.

Any Penguins on the smaller part of the floe are removed from the game and if the broken floe is 3 tiles or bigger, the Penguin making the crack is lost too…

The game ends immediately if a player has 7 or more points, the floe is 6 or less tiles or there are less than 3 penguins on the floe.

How do you get 7 points?

Well you score 1 point per tile you collect and lose 1 point for each penguin you lose.

You do not lose points for losing Penguins lost due to causing the crack in the Ice Floe.

Another small light game that is more tactical than it looks and plays really quickly. You usually have no idea how things are going to go but you can usually have a good idea on what a good move is going to be.

Can’t wait to play it again.

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