Essen 2014 – Blood of the Werewolf

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Werewolf + Hanabi – Weird Scoring System = Good Game

Another win from Taiwan.

Players are dealt characters, either human or Werewolf with two characters being laid face down in the middle of the table. One with a red confidential marker on it, one with a blue one.

Each player is always dealt a Mutation card that gives a one shot ability.

Players hold their character card outwards, Hanabi style.

During your turn you can…

Accuse a player by placing a confidential marker and card (from a in front of a player or middle), in front of any player other player (including yourself which is a risky move as you’ll see later)

Trial – If a player has both confidential markers in front of them they are sentenced to death (see, told you :)) The player places their character card face down without looking at it and gives both confidential cards to two DIFFERENT players.

They can’t  look at their card, or any other face down card as you can still stay in the discussion.

If there is a confidential card in front of you on your turn, you may look at it (advantage to giving yourself one), this is called Disclosure. If you give yourself a second marker you will go to trial before getting to look at the card, so that sucks.

The Mutations each player have can be played at any time.

Play continues to the left until the game end is triggered.

Blood of the Werewolf Cards

Depending on player numbers, the game ends if 1 or 2 players remain. If 2-3 players remain, again depending on player numbers the ‘claimable threshold’ has been met.

This means the active player can claim victory by saying both remaining players are on the same team. If they claim victory and the other players refuse, the active player dies and this will automatically being the game down to the game end.

Then there is the scoring system…

Reveal all surviving characters and face down characters under the confidential markers.

For each surviving character in your team (Human or Werewolf) you gain 1 point, you get half a point for a confidential member of your team.

It’s pretty good. I’ve only played one round with 4 players and this means we all had the same Mutation. With more players you add more interesting ones.

The way the game is played and the Hanabi style card holding makes this stand out as a social deduction game.

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