Essen 2013 The Sheep Race

Posted on by Jesta

Cute sheep racing game.

Each player open bids on one different sheep then blind bids on any other 2 sheep.

The race is played by rolling 2 dice and moving that sheep. There are 6 sheep so rolling 7 or 8 moved Sheep 5 and 6. Although they move more they are worth fewer points when betting. Rolling a 9 moves the ‘Lazy Sheep’, the one at the back.

Movement is done using cubes on sheep cards. Each sheep has different cubes and different moving spaces for these cubes. If a sheep is out if cubes you can rest to get cubes back.

Everyone moves all the sheep and in the last 5 squares before the finish line if a sheep runs out if cubes it is ‘Out if Breath’ and Falls over. The first 3 to finish end the race and players get points for their bids.

The wing sheep go into the final, you play 2 semi-finals and a final, most points wins.

It’s a nice game but takes a bit too long for how light it is.


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