Essen 2013 Space Sheep

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This is a race against time to match Sheep with Shepard while protecting them against the Wolf.

Essentially is a co-op puzzle game against time.


You have a hand of cards and use those to move sheep and Shepard around the table. The aim is to pair each colour sheep with its respective colour Shepard on its home bar colour.

You do this by playing matching colour cards from your hand.

Playing a card on a matching Shepard moves him along the bases one space, switching him with the Shepard on that space.

You can also play a matching colour card on a base to move either sheep or Shepard. These movements are controlled by random tokens that are placed on the bases.

These say simple things like ‘move two passed the yellow Shepard’ or more complex things like ‘Move x passed the green Shepard where x is the number if times the same colour Shepard and sheep are together’.

The big bad is the wolf. If the timer ticks down he takes 4 cards from your deck. You run out if cards he wins.

You can attack the wolf by playing a card matching the colour if the base he is on.

This Knocks him down and let’s you turn the timer over before it runs out. The wolf then moved D8 bases clockwise and stands up again.

It’s a fun game, very hectic and complex but a lot if fun.

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