Essen 2013 Space Cadets Dice Duels

Posted on by Jesta

A game if hectic rice rolling and team space combat.

Team vs Team. One player is the engineer supplying his team with power. This power is in the form if D6’s…

1s and 2s went to weapons and sensors. This is to load torpedoes (roll dice to form a torpedo puzzle) and power the targeting system and jammers. (Roll dice to get symbols)

4s and 5s went to Helm and shields. This involves rolling dice for movement symbols and shield symbols.

Helm moves the ship around the board.

When targeting and weapons are loaded and the ship is facing the right direction you can shout ‘Fire !’

At this point the game stops and damage is worked out. each ship has 4 lives.


It’s fun and hectic with very little down time. (hence the terrible picture) it really needs 6 players minimum which is the only downside.

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