Essen 2013 One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Posted on by Jesta

Out in January from Bezier Games games, a Werewolf game that lasts just one night and doesn’t require a moderator.

We had 4 players , 2 Werewolf Cards, a Robber, a Seer, a Toublemaker and 2 Villagers.

We were each dealt a card and 3 were placed in the middle.

We closed our eyes and the a werewolves opened their eyes to see each other. Of course there could only be 1 Werewolf, maybe even 0.


Then the Robber switches his card with another card and looks at both. Also, it’s worth tapping a few cards quietly so they move slightly to not give away anything.

Then the Seer looks at a card.

Then the Troublemaker switches 2 cards without looking.

Then there is one round if negotiation. If a Werewolf is killed, the Villagers win, otherwise the Werewolf’s win.

I enjoyed this a lot. It’s very quick and lots of fun and high up in my preorder list.

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