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Eat and don’t be eaten.. simple!

There are 3 food chains…

Hedgehog –> Frog –> Fly
Cat –> Mouse –> Cheese
Wolf –>Rabbit –>Carrot

Dice are rolled to randomise a few of the items from the lower 2 levels of the food chain.

Each player has one card of each of the top two layers of the food chain.

Each player plays a card face down and reveals simultaneously and places it in its spot on the board.

You work out scoring form the top of each chain downwards. If you play a Wolf you eat all the Rabbits. If you play a Rabbit and no one played a Wolf, you eat all the Carrots etc etc

If multiple players play the same card you share the eating evenly with the remainder left on the board.

You get one point for each card and black face (middle of the food chain) dice you eat and two points for each red face (bottom of the food chain) you eat. Most points after 3 rounds wins.

It’s a game of bluffing and second guessing your opponents. We had an occasion where the dice rolled 5 flies… No one played a Frog but 4 of us played Hedgehogs hoping to eat all the greedy Frogs that went for the Flies…

There are LOADS of laughs and gasps. I bought this immediately after playing it.

Om Nom Nom

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