Essen 2013 ebbes

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A trick taking game where the bonus cards change round to round.

One player plays a card, each other player in turn order plays a card of that colour and the highest card takes the trick and starts a new hand.

If you can’t play a card of the correct colour you play another card and will lose the hand.

Each of the 7 rounds has a random number that will be the number for that round (I can’t remember what this is called) UPDATE: Designation Card

The first time that number is played, the colour of the card with that number turns that colour into a Trump card.

The second card makes all cards of that colour worth one point each at the end of the round.

The third is “ebbes” which means if you have the most or least of this colour you get 0 points, everyone else gets 3.

The fourth makes each card of that colour worth -1 point at the end of the round.

The last makes each card of that colour worthless.



You play 7 rounds, most points wins.

I enjoyed this a lot, it was frustrating and thinky but led to a lot of laughs.

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