Essen 2013 Coal Baron

Posted on by Jesta

A worker placement pick up and deliver game using various transport methods.

You have a cool little mine shaft that slides up and down. You place workers on randomly selected mine tiles and buy them to add them to the mine.

You can place workers on a space to get some money.

You can also get a choice of random mine tiles and goal cards.

You select a number of mining actions to slide the lift up and down the mine shaft loading the coal into the lift and unloading it onto goal cards.


The main aim is to complete goals to score points, but also to have completed goal cards to score with at 3 intervals in the game.

When you have loaded enough of the correct colour resource into a card, you can use an action to deliver them. You deliver all of the resources of a particular transport type so getting groups of these helps, but you need to diversify for scoring.

I really enjoyed this game. The fact you have 18 workers and you have to pay more than the previous number if workers on an action to take it is a cool mechanic. Keyflower-esque.

It also helps that I won by a mile.


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