Essen 2013 Blood Bound

Posted on by Jesta

A bluffing game of Vampires.

You each take the role of a random Vampire from 1 of 2 clans ranked 1-9.

The cheat sheet each player has covers the entire card except the bottom right corner to show the cards clan.

Each player shows this information to the player on their left.

Then players give a dagger to any other player to deal them one damage. Damage is shown by either a red, blue it question mark marker.

So as damage is dealt you start to get information about who us working for which clan.

Which token you reveal will depend in your rank. Some are 2 red tokens, some. 2 blue, some 2 question marks. Others are 1 colour and 1 question mark.


Once you have revealed your 2 tokens your next damage forces you to take the rank token of your card. This grants you a one off special ability depending in your rank.

The goal is to kill, and only kill, the lowest rank member if the opposing clan.

I loved this game and wanted to buy it but sadly it was only available in German. I will buy it soon.

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