Essen 2013 7 Days of Westerplatte

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A few Polish officers hold out against a German onslaught in World War 2.

This is a real life event and at the time the Germans won, they also did in our game.


The enemy spawns after each players turn by turning over a card and following the actions. It involves soaking a card, maybe reducing moral and saying which columns move.

The enemy will advance and attack taking down your outer walls. When your outer walls collapse your inner walks protecting your huts go next.

When the walls around 2 huts collapse, you lose.

Survive 8 days (56 German cards) and you win.

Your moral decreases with enemy cards and eventually you get a penalty. Firstly you lose a resource from your supply, then get a movement penalty, then ammo is taken away… Bad!

But you can stop them.

You can move 2 and take 1 action in any order in your turn.

You can fire by spending an ammo and dealing one damage on the row you are on.

You can visit a shed that gives you a land mine you can place in an enemy zone to kill it when moves onto it. There are only 4 land mines available.

You can visit an ammo hut to get a special shot that deals 2 damage to any enemy.

You can visit a hut to repair broken walls. Only 8 bricks available.

You can increase the moral by 1.

You can pick up 4 of your basic ammo.

It’s good, it’s HARD. It has that Castle Panic feel but with a more real world take us told.

Good game.

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