Essen 2013 Glass Road

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An Uwe Rosenburg game.

You get point by building buildings onto your tableau using resources you have collected.

You collect resources by choosing 1 of 5 cards you select from a deck if 15. You reveal the card and take the two actions printed on it. If a player also has this card in their hand, you both take 1 action each.

I loved this part.


Resources are hard to explain. You have 2 dials on tracks with a token to represent each resource.

When you spend or gain a resource you move the token around the dial.

The dial always moves clockwise across empty spaces so at least 1 resource in each disk will be at 0.

The flip side to this is on each dial on the other side if the main track is another track that counts a rare resource in reverse. So as the wheel reduces the number of common resources as it moves, you gain Glass and Brick.

I really enjoyed this.

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