Airecon 4 – Long Live the Queen

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“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

The Queen is dead! Long Live the Queen!

After a terrible epidemic, the Queen has passed on, leaving behind her twin daughters: the determined Princess Black Rose and the ambitious Princess White Rose. The Queen expected to live for a very long time and had not taken the time to declare which of the two would succeed her. Thus, the battle lines are drawn; each Princess has gathered her courtiers around her and is prepared to risk it all in pursuit of the throne. Will prestige be enough to rule the kingdom, or will it take intrigue and violence?

Collect the right number of tokens or flip your opponents Queen to win…

To do this, each player has 12 identical cards. They are placed in a row with the Queen in position ‘7’ and the rest face down on numbers 2-12 in any order. The one left over is kept face down and is used in the game too.

A player rolls 2 dice and activates that number… If the card is face up the ability on the card activates. Then, if a card on that number is face down, it’s flipped face up.

If both cards are face up they are activated in order depending on that cards printed value.

The abilities have you move your cards, flip opponents cards face down, protect adjacent cards from flipping and gaining/stealing/swapping tokens of 1 of 3 types of ‘Prestige’.

One (or two i think) turns into the card that you removed from the row earlier.

To win, flip your opponents Queen face down or collect 3 of each type of Prestige token.

But, collect 6 of any one type of Prestige and you lose.


Interesting, fairly unique tactical game play.

It has ‘Hidden Depth’…

Nice art. (Different art styles on the Kickstarter)


It’s not great and once again, I would rather play Kamisado.


Better two player tactical abstract games are available

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