Airecon 4 – Classic Warlord

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“You couldn’t stand to see what terrifies warlords.”

~ Toba Beta

Objective – to dominate the board and destroy opponents.

This is a very simple game for a “Wargame”.

You have a board divided into regions that spreads across several maps. The ‘full’ map is made up of 8 A4 size boards and covers Europe, Asia and North Africa.

We played on a 2 board map that just covered Southern Europe/North Africa.

Each player has a bunch of tokens in their colour and they’re all over the Map in connected groups called “Empires’.

At the start of your turn each Empire gets a number of tokens added to it based on how many large Cities (red areas) and Capitals (yellow circles) are in that Empire.

Then you can move out, leaving at least one token on any region you leave. If you move into a Sea region with opponents pieces you remove them automatically and take it over.

Attempt to move into a land area with opponents pieces you attack… combat is simple.

You add up how many units are in the attacking region, select a number on a dice equal to or less than that amount and hide it from your opponent. Your opponent will guess the number… (If you attack land from the sea, they get 2 guesses)

If they are correct, you lose that many tokens from the attacking region.

If they are wrong, you defeat the opponents in that region and move in. You also add a bomb to a Region somewhere in the attacking sides Empire.

If you have bombs (which are Nukes BTW) you can detonate them into neighbouring regions to make them inaccessible, removing all surrounding counters form the board.

The board will get smaller and smaller with radioactive wasteland and eventually only one army will remain.


Very simple, yet tactical.

Considering all you do is try and guess the number of the dice for combat, it actually adds quite a bit to the game. There is bluffing, you have an advantage for attacking with multiple units and when you get it right you feel great 🙂

Removable boards make for a flexible game length. (60-480 minutes)

It’s a dudes on a map game I like 🙂


The Components, while functional, could use an update.


Very nice game. I can see why groups have been dedicated to it for 40 years.

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