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I heard about this game ages ago and forgot about it but recently started hearing about it on pod-casts.

Now the game is up on Kickstarter.

Publisher – Tuesday Knight Games

Designer – Alan Gerding, Sean McCoy

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $20 ($40 to UK)

Best Value Pledge – $20 ($40 to UK)

Kickstarter Link – TWO ROOMS and a BOOM!

TWO ROOMS and a BOOM Cards

TWO ROOMS and a BOOM Cards

In Two Rooms and a Boom – a social deduction/hidden role party game for six or more players – there are two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Blue Team has a President. The Red Team has a Bomber. Players are equally distributed between two rooms (i.e., separate playing areas).

The game consists of five timed rounds. At the end of each round, some players will be swapped into opposing rooms. If the Red Team’s Bomber is in the same room as the President at the end of the game, then the Red Team wins; otherwise the Blue Team wins. Lying encouraged.

This is a hidden role game for 6 – 30 players.

Half will be on Red team, half on Blue Team. They split up into two rooms.

One player on the Blue team will be a President.
One player on the Red team will be the bomber.

Over 5 over short round, player swap ‘hostages’ after some negotiating within the two teams.

At the end of the final round, if the President is in the same room as the bomb, the red team wins, otherwise the blue team wins.

Just like Werewolf there are a lot of different roles to spice up the game.

Did I pledge?

No. $40 is too much for this game. Luckily, someone in my play group has pledged.

TWO ROOMS and a BOOM! -- Kicktraq Mini

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