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A strategic game using colours as abilities which can be mixed and split.

A very nice idea.

Publisher – Nosidam Games

Designer – Tyler Madison

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $25 ($35 UK)

Best Value Pledge – $25 ($35 UK)

Kickstarter Link – Primary

Primary Components

Primary is a game that I designed after being frustrated with good strategic card games being ruined due to card rarity and large variation. I believed that there should be a strategic card game that has a small subset of strategies that players choose what degree to commit themselves to that discipline. Such a game would also allow players equal customization opportunity so the player with the best execution of their strategy and reaction to their opponent would win, not the individual who had the best cards to begin with. Instead, the game would be about players making strategic decisions, balancing both flexibility and mastery. The result was a game I call Primary.

This how to video is from Crits Happen, check out Tox’s great collection of video reviews, previews and full plays.

This is quite a complex game to explain so I would really suggest watching the video for Tox’s great explanation of how to play.

In it’s basic form, you have a deck of 30 cards made from up to 6 colours, each colour having a different ability. You are trying to be the ‘Last Man Standing’ by eliminating your opponents deck so they run out of cards to draw.

The game is complex so I will just explain the Red and Blue cards.

Red cards attack your opponent, playing them can knock cards out of their hand, library or discard pile. (Also the faded pile but I won’t get in to that here)

Blue cards defend so you can put a token in front of your hand, library, discard and faded pile. Each token protects for 1 so if you can remove 1 token to lessen the effect of a red card.

Primary Colours & Abilities

So far, so standard, right?

Well, one of the other 6 colours is Purple which many of you will know if a mix of red and blue.

Purple lets you remove counters from play, return removed counters to play or force players to discard cards.

BUT, you can ‘Split’ a Purple card down. So a 4 Purple can be played as a 4 Purple or a 2 Red AND 2 Blue. Also, you can mix a Red 2 AND Blue 2 from your hand to play it as if it were a Purple 4.

With there being 6 colours, 3 Primary and 3 advanced it will lead to a lot of strategy during play.

Did I pledge?

Yes. I like Magic but the more I’ve moved away from Magic towards other tabletop games the more I’ve moved away from that direct conflict style of game and sometimes I miss it.

This offers that style of game with highly strategic game play. Also, with no ‘chase rares’ etc you are in charge of your game and how it is played.

Primary - A Nosidam Games Project -- Kicktraq Mini

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