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Kaosball is one I heard about a while ago and I was waiting for the Kickstarter to go live.

A Blood Bowl style game for up to 4 players…

Publisher – Cool Mini or Not

Designer – Eric M. Lang

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $100

Best Value Pledge – $100

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Kaosball Box Contents

Kaosball Box Contents

Kaosball is a new kind of fantasy sports game, combining rugby-style passing finesse and first person shooter domination-style scoring. The result is a tense game of skill, bluffing, luck, and lethal brutality like you’ve never played before!

Brought to you by acclaimed designer Eric M. Lang, Kaosball uses exciting card-based play mechanisms to put players in the role of a coach, managing their unique, game-altering team from scrimmage to sudden death period to outscore their opponents. Players need to balance scoring and killing their opponents, using powerful cheating effects all the while – as long as you have the money to pay off the ref. No two matches will play the same!

Kaosball includes multiple modes of play: traditional head-to-head, partnerships-based alliances, and “Maximum Kaos” three- or four-player mode; 30-60 exhibition games complete with a pregame draft for ringers and team upgrades; and league play with up to eight players and upgrades that stay in place from game to game, creating a unique sense of progression.

I’ve loved Bloodbowl ever since I was barely old enough to play the first edition right up until playing the most recent version on the PC.

The problem is 2 player games won’t get much play in my group so Bloodbowl, and to a lesser extent Dreadball, will be useless purchases.

Purely for being 4 player, Kaosball was put on my radar.

The base pledge level gets you 5 Teams and 5 Ringers which I believe is 60 miniatures and 5 teams busts used for tracking scoring.

There is an optional extra of 4 teams for $60 (RRP $100)

Update: There is a second optional extra of 2 teams for $35 (RRP $50)
Update: There are two more option extras of 2 teams for $35 for 2 or all these 6 teams for $85 (RRP $150)

Teams Included in Base Set:

Templeton Amazons – Have a diagonal Killzone
New Purgatory Daemons – Can light a square on the board on fire
Gotterdammerung Fangs – Can heal Damage
Mt. Clobberton Ogres – Can knock adjacent enemies back

Bonus Teams:

Worsthire Goblins – Surrounding an opponents player KO’s them
Boomtown Zombies – Can move any number of Zombies one space instead of activating

Optional Purchase Teams:

Moonshire Lycanthropes – Can change from Human to Werewolf (Runner to Bruiser)
St. Cloud Paragons – You can bench a player to give another player a bonus
Port Royale Pirates – Gain money
Salem Warlocks – Turn players into frogs
New Victoria Klockwerks – Can double an attack at a cost of dealing themselves a damage
Shadowvale Ninjas – Have a way to win combat automatically
Fellinia Hellcats – Used downed enemies to score points
Boomtown Cowboys – Ranged attack
New Edo Samurai – Gain points for correctly naming your attack card before playing it
Bridgetown Trolls – Drops trash to hinder opponents

Ringers included in Base Set:

Cretin the Ettin – Can attack two players in the same action
Panda Monium – Opponents lose points for attacking him
Panther – Can’t be attacked on your turn
The Dragon – Moves extra spaces

Bonus Ringer:

Kongbad – Ability has not been released yet.

There are loads of stretch goals as you can expect from Cool Mini or Not so lot’s more teams and ringers on the way.

The teams seem very varied, game play seems straight forward and quick. I like the idea of bidding for skills and Ringers before the game meaning your team will not always be the same.

Did I pledge?

Well yes, obviously I did as I love the idea of this game. Cool Mini or Not will make good components and Eric Lang will design a good game.

At the time of writing 4 more Ringers have been unlocked with 4 more revealed plus a team of Zombies. 4 of these ringers and the team of Zombies are KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! (Always a bonus)

Update: Another Kickstarter exclusive Ringer added and unlocked
Update: 13 ringers named, most unlocked

I also managed to jump on at the exact time the Kickstarter went live so I picked up the Early Bird bonus.

Kaosball -- Kicktraq Mini

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