Kickstarter – Heroquest 25th Anniversary

A game I played a lot as a kid has been picked up to reprint a 25th anniversary edition.

This is probably a good thing.

Publisher – Gamezone Miniatures

Designer – Stephen baker

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $94 CAD + postage

Best Value Pledge – $158 CAD + postage

Kickstarter Link – Heroquest 25th Anniversary

Heroquest 25th Anniversary components

Heroquest 25th Anniversary components

A remake of the 1989 Milton Bradley release that was made in conjunction with games Workshop.

UPDATE: This Kickstarter was suspended due to an IP dispute.

This is a fairly basic dungeon crawler I played a lot of when I was a young. I used to control the monsters for my friends and then I would control all the adventurers in the video game version for the Amiga.

While newer dungeon crawl games are available  this one will always be special.

Did I pledge?

As much as I would love to, no.

It’s roughly £55 for the base game, plus postage… and that’s OK. But right now this wouldn’t be high up on my list of games to play.

I hope it does very well though. (Fingers crossed for Space Crusade :))

Heroquest 25th Anniversary -- Kicktraq Mini

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