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Another bluffing game on Kickstarter with nice art and unique game play.

Publisher – Self Published

Designer – Alex Lim

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $65 ($100 to UK)

Best Value Pledge – $65 ($100 to UK)

Kickstarter Link – Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale

Fairytale Games The Battle Royale Contents

Box Contents


The Dark Queen (otherwise known as the Evil Queen), the Queen of Hearts, and the Snow Queen – three of the most powerful queens of all realms join forces with the common goal of wiping out the population completely in order to start anew and create a utopia with no poverty, crime, or sickness, all designed with their vision and unquestionable control.

To prevent history from repeating itself, they agree to select a champion to lead the new civilization and firmly guide the people based on knowledge from the past world. This champion must have a strong will, strength, magic, intelligence, persuasive abilities and is proven to be a survivor. Thus the Queens banished all Heroes and Villains into a fierce competition to see who will survive the Fairytale Games. There will be only one.

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale is a 1-10 player dice-based board game that uses cards as the board (for land exploration). Movement is with a 6-sided die. When you begin the game, you and other players start at the same location and begin revealing locations/terrain as you roll your die. Some locations offer opportunities to start quests to gain survival items or allow you to explore more lands and gain better abilities. All the while Events are happening that might help or hinder you greatly. There are 30+ character cards that you can play as or fight against in this game. Other cards include Action Cards, Event Cards, Location Cards, Quest Cards and Item Cards. A normal game duration is about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of players.

The goal of the game is to kill off at least ten fairytale characters in the game in addition to your opponent before they can do the same to you. If playing a one-player game, you must kill twenty characters. The other way you can win is if you complete certain Quest challenges as a team to escape the realm or to take the entire place down with you by finding the slim opportunities through certain card scenarios to defeat the three Queens.

Although Action Cards allow you to strategically attack, defend, hinder, or help another player, your character cards themselves have their own special abilities that can be used during certain situations through dice rolling or if they are activated by Quests, Events or other Action Cards.

The artwork is beautiful and it plays from 1 to 10 players which is nice and flexible.

Actually, lets say it again, the cards and art are great. Check out these…

Fairytale Games The Battle Royale card art


The game is different, one I would own and definitely one I want to play if someone I know picks it up.

Did I pledge?

No. $65 right now will get me Terra Mystica, Kaosball is due to end soon and the $35 postage is a killer. This $35 becomes $10 if they get to $45,000 but it’s still $75 I don’t have for games right now. Maybe when it goes retail.

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale -- Kicktraq Mini

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