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I love micro games (Love Letter, Coup etc) so any games like that will interest me.

This one looks really good without being a clone of the others.

Publisher – Crash Games

Designer – Michael Eskue

Minimum Pledge to get Game – $12 ($22 to UK)

Best Value Pledge – $18 ($28 to UK)

Kickstarter Link – Council of Verona

Council of Verona

Council of Verona Cards and Tokens

The citizens of Verona have grown tired of the constant quarrel between the houses of Capulet and Montague. As ruler of the region, Prince Escalus has formed a council to help mediate the conflict and bring lasting peace to Verona.

In Council of Verona, players take on the role of influential citizens of Verona and act to use their influence to either add characters to the council or cast them into exile. Through thoughtful hand management of their cards and clever placement of influence tokens, players gain victory points based upon the agendas of the characters at the end of the game. The player with the most victory points wins!

We’ve all heard the story of Romeo and Juliet – now is your chance to steer the story and determine who will rule Verona once and for all!

As I’ve said I like micro games and it’s always handy to have a couple of fillers on you when you go to a Games Day or Convention.

Council of Verona is a 4 player bluffing, deduction card drafting game that gives us something different.

Update: 5 player! 🙂

You first draft your cards, then play them, then bet on them… Lot’s of stuff to do and to consider while the characters in the game are moving between the Council and Exile.

One I think both my gaming groups will like.

At $16,000 they will be adding enough stuff to make the game 5 player which will make this a superb filler.

Did I pledge?

Yes, yes I did.

It’s a very interesting game and at the level I pledged at you get a bag so It can live with Love Letter in my collection. Later stretch goals add Kickstarter exclusive ‘nano games’ and an alternate art set.

A big thank you to The Cardboard Jungle Podcast for pointing me in this project’s direction.

Council of Verona -You Influence the World of Romeo & Juliet -- Kicktraq Mini

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