Getting the best out of Kickstarter

Kickstarter gets a bad rep, even though it’s 100% epic. I very rarely stray from the tabletop section but when I do I see cool projects I can’t afford.

I did pledge for Penny Arcade when they ‘sold out’ but that’s so far my only foray into a different slice of the Kickstarter pie chart.

Here are some tips on getting the best out of Kickstarter.

1 – Research

Find out who is making what, What the process is, How they are doing it, How much they have done so far.

If it’s a game to they have prototypes? Have they been play testing? Are they still play testing?

If they don’t mention any of this in their description, ask them, read the comments, Google them.

2 – Only Back What You Want

Seems obvious, but if you pledge for that documentary on Jam Making in Westchester, New York and forget to cancel, they get your money.

Use the Star feature which allows you to short-list projects to look at again later. This gives you some thinking time or a self imposed cool down period. Yeah you can pledge and un-pledge later but that’s kind of a dick move.

Also, ‘forgetting to un-pledge’ and ‘forgetting to go back and pledge’ both have pros and cons.  I’d rather risk not pledging than pledging for something I don’t really want. Which brings me to the next point…

3 – Only Back What You Can Afford

It is real money and it’s easy to get carried away, like eBay. You pledge for stuff that you maybe don’t have to pay out for in 30 days time so make sure you have the funds.

4 – Let The People Do Their Thing

Most people have a full time job, family and friends. On top of that they are putting into place these massive, some times life changing projects that you are backing.

Let them get on with it.

Asking for an update every day doesn’t help. Quite often they are too busy creating the project to go on-line to tell you they are busy creating the project.

Allow for gaps in updates and just remember that no news doesn’t mean bad news.


Yeah, I went full caps, big woop, wanna fight about it?

so what want to fight about it

You’re supporting a project, not pre-ordering an item or even buying it out right.

The date on the project says ESTIMATED delivery, definite.

Things go wrong and unforeseen problems occur. National holidays in China, delayed shipping and customs times and even sunken container ships. Recently one project was delayed due to the Instruction Book missing from the boxes. Fault of the game making company not the Kickstater Project Manager

These things happen, Fantasy Flight themselves are known for having delays, it happens, deal with it.

Having a go at people and saying it’s “Scamstarter” isn’t going to get you anywhere.


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