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Sink a city, save a bit and hope it’s the right one!

Save some houses. (The right houses, the rest can drown)

In Vineta, 2 to 6 players take on the roles of angry Norse Gods, seeking to sink the city of Vineta beneath a succession of pounding waves.

However, each player is secretly assigned one of nine city districts to protect. Likewise, each player secretly protects one color of houses.

By use of cards, players send waves against districts, joining together to sink them and moving houses in and out of threatened districts. At the end of each round, the district that has the most waves played against it — along with any houses in that district — are removed.

After eight rounds of play, only one district (and any houses it contains) will remain. Players score for houses claimed during the game, and bonuses are given to whoever was secretly protecting the remaining district and its remaining houses — if any.

The promo blurb says it all really. The city is made up of 9 connecting areas in 3 layers of 3. Each player has one of these secretly assigned to them.

You also get a secretly assigned colour of house to look after.

You then take turns placing houses into one of the 9 areas until they are all out, the boar looks like this.

Vineta Board

Each player has an identical deck of cards each. You pick one from your hand and all place it face down targeting one of the outer regions of the Island simultaneously.

Then they are flipped in and resolved in player order. They mostly send waves of varying strengths at that Island segment. Some move houses out of danger, into danger and other abilities.

After the round ends the Island segment with the highest value of waves is destroyed and all the houses washed away with it. The houses are divided up among the players who played cards to destroy that Island part.

The Island starts to be destroyed segment by segment…

Vineta Half Destroyed Island

When one segment is left the game ends.

Players score points for houses claimed but more points for Houses of their colour left on the final Island piece and points if their Island segment is the one left standing.

It’s a cool game and one I’m always happy to play. I’m not sure I’ve worked it out yet. I haven’t tried Avalon style banter to try and help my Island segment and Houses to survive. Next time I might let my mouth run a bit 🙂

I’m not sure I feel I have control over what is and isn’t going to be destroyed. You can move houses away from your district to make it less valuable, or attack it with low cards so it looks like you want it to sink but it won’t…

Lot’s to try, more plays needed! 🙂

Oh, also the Instruction Book, while generally pretty good, has the text for some of the actions cards mislabelled so get the cheat sheet from BGG.

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