Game Rewind – September 2013

In this post, I look at the games I played in September 2013.

Any gems I’m still playing now?

The Golden City

I remember this for the big hands and so nearly winning but not for the game play. It was fun, but it was a good fun group I played with so we had a good time.

Result: Could be pushed to play it again.

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar

One I keep looking at but I won’t but it. I recently played it and enjoyed it on Boite a Jeux even though I did really really bad 🙂

Tzolkin The Mayan Calendar Box

Result: I would love to play again, and again.

Heroes of Metro City

I still own this but I feel it’s mostly due to the fact I have a lot of expansions that haven’t arrive form the Kickstarter yet.

While it”s fun and unique, the expansions need to add a lot to this game for me to have it next year.

Result: Holding out for the expansions to see if it stays on the shelf.

Dungeon Roll

Frustrating fun, the ONLY game I feel that I never get enough ‘Luck’ with.

I love how silly and simple it is yet it gives you a lot of things to think about.

Result: I’ll play it if you suggest it.


Played it a few times, won most. I enjoy this a lot, well i did the first 9-10 times then I noticed I was doing the same thing over and over.

I have a system and it works, so it seems to be down to the luck of the draw.

P.I. Box

Result: I’ll still play it.

Legacy: Gears of Time

Another one I keep wanting to buy but the price and the fiddly in-between round bit is putting me off.

I haven’t played it since but then again i haven’t had the chance to.

Result: I want to play it again, just need the opportunity.

A Game of Thrones

Not my kind of game.

But, it does have cool mechanics and I won’t get better at these kinds of games by avoiding them 🙂

Result: With a good group, I’d play again.

Kingdom Builder

Not had a chance to play it on the table but I have played it on the iPad.

One of those games that’s too light to be a game and too long to be a filler, right in that gap of games I don’t like to own.

Result: I’ll keep playing the iPad app.

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