Game Rewind – October 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in October 2015.

Essen! Lots to get through so I’ll keep it short.

Above and Below

Above and Below First Play

Played since, enjoy it but would like more ending to the stories rather than “You get this stuff”.

Result: Wouldn’t ask for it, wouldn’t turn it down necessarily

Mission: Red Planet

Mission: Red Planet First Play

Mission Red Planet Box

Excellent game of simultaneous action selection sending astronauts to Mars. Just enough tactics and backstabbery to be interesting but not annoying.

Result: Own it, Love it.

Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness First Play

Fun ‘dungeon crawl’ with nice mechanisms but I’d rather play one of the 100’s of other similar-ish games. BUT! The second edition which I played recently is another thing altogether, I love that one.

Result: I’d play the Second Edition 100% of the time.

Tides of Time

Tides of Time First Play

Great two player drafting game with great art and nice scoring system.

Result: I don’t play many 2 player games, but I’d play this again.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage First Play

Great looking area control game with fantastic miniatures. Drafting, fighting and fairly average game play.

Result: Like it enough to keep it, but I don’t think it’s as good as the majority of people do.

Hack Trick

Hack Trick at Essen 2015

Nice game of hacking a keypad using cards in a sort of Noughts and Crosses style, but better.

Result: Went down better with me than it did with most people I played with.

Rubbish Auction

Rubbish Auction at Essen 2015

Awful clunky game with awful loo roll thin cards…

Result: Awful


CS-Files at Essen 2015

Great deduction game that is good with 4-5 and VERY good with 6+

Result: Still own this, for now.

Favor of the Pharaoh

Favor of the Pharaoh at Essen 2015

Interesting game of building a dice pool to try and get 6 of a kind to try and win the game, but setup/tear down time is a nightmare…

Result: Setup time kills the game for me, sold it.

7 Wonders: Duel

7 Wonders: Duel at Essen 2015

Very nice 2 player game based on one of my favourite games of all time.

Result: Very nice


Kenjin at Essen 2015

Decent game of trying to win territories by playing Japanese Warriors. Too many symbols makes this game drag on a bit… Art is fantastic.

Result: Too long for such a simple game (Shame really!)


Kaleva at Essen 2015

Excellent 2 player abstract game, well worth a play if you like this kind of game.

Result: Different enough to be worth more plays

The Big Book of Madness

The Big Book of Madness at Essen 2015

The Big Book of Madness Box

A very good co-op game where you’re students in a Magical school trying to close a book full of Monsters.

It’s all done through hand management and extreme communication.

Result: Played it several times which was enough, but the game is VERY good.

Code of Nine

Code of Nine at Essen 2015

Very clever worker placement game of managing resources while achieving secret goals at the same time as trying to stop players finding out which goals you’re trying to achieve.

Result: Want to play again, may even pick up a cheap copy if I see one.


Nyet! at Essen 2015

Interesting trick taking game where you set the terms of the scoring for the tricks when you see your hand but before playing.

Result: Didn’t work for me.


Joraku at Essen 2015

Good trick taking game with action points and an area control element. Very pretty.

Result: Good game, not much replay-ability.


Samara at Essen 2015

A Euro game of building buildings with an excellent time track and ‘player furthest back goes next’ mechanism. Very innovative I think.

Result: Would like to see these mechanisms in a different game

Kamisado Pocket

Kamisado Pocket at Essen 2015

Excellent two player abstract game where every move is both attack and defence.

Result: Great, one of my favourite two player abstracts.

Pinata Party

Pinata Party at Essen 2015

Great puzzle game where you’re collecting candies by moving around a board. The way you move and how you score changes game to game.

Result: Good game, not for everyone.

The Bloody Inn

The Bloody Inn at Essen 2015

Great and dark hand management where you’re running a hotel, killing the occupants and robbing them, then hiding the bodies.

Result: Does hand management VERY well.


Sherlock at Essen 2015

Kids memory game…

Result: Good for young kids?

Monster My Neighbour

Monster My Neighbour at Essen 2015

Very random but very fun hidden role game where you’re either a Monster or its friend, or you’re trying to Hunt it down or you’re someone on the Hunters team.

Result: Still own this, it’s random but quick enough that it doesn’t matter.

Alien Wars

Alien Wars at Essen 2015

Silly card flicking game.

Result: Not for me.

WWE Superstar Showdown

WWE Superstar Showdown at Essen 2105

WWE Superstar Showdown

Excellent and VERY fun game based on WWE. It’s highly thematic and for 40 Euro is a touch expensive but I got it brand new for £7 which is an absolute steal.

Result: Won’t get to play it much, but love it when I do.


Terra at Essen 2015

Good fun quiz game where you put cubes on locations and numbers to answer questions.

Result: Good, but can be ‘gamed’.

Fog of Love

Fog of Love at Essen 2015

2 player game tracking 2 people in a relationship.

Result: Would be good for two people into role playing games.


Antarctica at Essen 2015

Interesting game where the board is a rondel and you’re moving ships around taking actions on the various spaces.

Result: Would love to see these mechanisms in a different game, or with a different theme.


Automania at Essen 2015

Simple and cartoony game of building cars. Nice, but on the lower side of the weight scale.

Result: Give me Kanban! 🙂


Eko at Essen 2015

Interesting abstract game of building things and attacking other players.

Result: Too ‘take that’ for me, but it’s different and pretty.

Rush & Bash

Rush & Bash at Essen 2015

Incredibly fun Mario Kart style racing game using cards to move and fire weapons.

Result: I would play this again.

The Curse of the Black Dice

The Curse of the Black Dice at Essen 2015

Dice placement game that I enjoyed it enough to buy, but only 1 of the many scenarios in the box was good.

Result: Bought it, sold it again.

King’s Forge

King’s Forge at Essen 2015

Weird game of trading dice for cards to get more cards and dice…

Result: No intention of playing this again.

Poseidon’s Kingdom

Poseidon’s Kingdom at Essen 2015

Pretty kids game where you take actions with dice using fish miniatures and a massive tidal wave to roll dice.

Result: Great look, fun unique mechanisms but just average game play,

New York 1901

New York 1901 at Essen 2015

Known gateway game where you draft cards to build buildings.

Result: Not sure we played it 100% right, but saw enough to give it a pass.

Burger Boss

Burger Boss at Essen 2015

Fun dice placement game where you’re putting burger orders together. It also comes in a Burger shaped box with storage trays.

Result: Good, but maybe too light to add to my collection.

One Night Ultimate Vampire

One Night Ultimate Vampire First Play

Extra twist on One Night Ultimate Werewolf with tokens alongside the player roles

Result: Good game, almost more of the same though.

Spin Monkeys

Spin Monkeys First Play

Very fun game of controlling a randomly spinning monkey around the jungle collecting fruit bumping into other players.

Result: A lot more fun than it should be, but it’s a very fun one.

T.I.M.E Stories

T.I.M.E Stories First Play (Spoiler Free)

TIME Stories Box

Very fun story driven game that involves team work and puzzle solving, one of the best ever. Can’t say too much, spoilers! 🙂

Result: Limited replay value, but excellent game.

Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

Trickerion: Legends of Illusion First Play

Magic themed worker placement game of putting on shows…

Result: Just another Euro

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal First Play

A very cool auction and route building game with great components.

Result: Very nice, will play again


Samurai First Play

Samurai Box

Very fun tile laying game where the tiles are used to fight for control of Castes laid out on the board. Very pretty game too.

Result: Own it, one of my all time faves.

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