Game Rewind – October 2013

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October 2013… Essen time so lots to get through…

Let’s go!

Relic Runners

Haven’t played this since and haven’t really wanted too. Far too many games I actually enjoy playing to spend time on this one.

Result: I can leave it.

Space Sheep

Only played this at Essen and haven’t been too bothered about it since. I don’t even know anyone that has it. Not bad for a puzzle game but there are better ones.

Result: Can leave this one too.

Trains & Stations

Bought this and played it quite a bit. It’s a nice game but the problem is it’s quite random. If you get the ‘route’ card that gives you gold and no one else has any Gold at all then you can win on pretty much that.

A lot of people just don’t build either, they just complete the routes to gain points. You can build on those routes but the points from resources from them are outweighed by the 1 or 2 points per turn you get for completing them.

Result: Sold it and I’m done with it

Space Cadets Dice Duel

I enjoyed this but as a 6 player game there are options, lots of options. But I enjoyed it and feel I could play it more. I would even own a copy if I could pick up a cheap one.

Result: I’d like to play it again.

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

Great game but do not play this with someone who suffers from AP. I do really like this game but I have to be in the right mood for it and it’s probably better for 2 players.

Result: I’ll play it again though.


Kids game but fun. I bought it for my nephew.

Result: I’ll play my nephews copy

Tetris Link

Another fun puzzle that I don’t need to play again.

Result: I won’t go out my way.

Berserk: War of the Realms

It’s not Summoner Wars is it?

Result: Nope


Think about this game a lot. It’s a very nice game but it’s 2 player. Even considered buying it a few times.

Result: I want to play this again


A word search game that was fun to play in a packed convention hall but not bothered about it now. I have seen this advertised on TV though.

Result: Not for me.

Bluff Im Zoo

Bluff Im Zoo

My friend bought this from Essen so I’ve played it a couple of times since.  It’s a nice fun cute game.

Result: It’s in the group so I’ll play it.

Suburban Dispute

Worst game I’ve ever played? Probably.

Result: No thank you.

Buccaneer Bones

In the group and fun to play considering how light it is. It’s dice and luck but works very well in a nice light package. Can be frustrating as poor rolls will lose but it’s short enough that it doesn’t matter.

Result: If it’s out I’ll play it.

7 Days of Westerplatte

Is a good game, but there are better co-ops to play. A nice game and an interesting, historical theme.

Result: Maybe one more go?

Coal Baron

Lot’s of competition for this kind of game but the theme of this puts it low on the list.

Result: I’ll retire from Coal Baron undefeated 🙂

Glass Road

Glass Road

Bought it, played it enough, sold it.

I did play it a few times and I do enjoy it but it’s another mid-weight Euro that plays in 60 minutes so the competition is immense.

Result: I’ll play someone else’s copy if it’s available.

Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom

Bought it last year and sold it only recently, but still play it with my group. Played it A LOT in the last year and still find fun in the game.

Result: If everyone agrees to not play randomly, I’ll play it.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

In my top 5 of all time. Loads of re-playability and short play time make this on interesting time after time.

Result: Will play it any time.

Primate Fear


Result: No

Blood Bound

Bought, played it enough, sold it. It’s an OK deduction game with a lot of things out of your control.

Result:  If it’s on offer for a large group I’ll be happy to join.

The Sheep Race

Look back at fondly but will only look back.

Result: Better betting games available

Steam Park

Steam Park Box

The only game I bought at Essen that I still own and I still enjoy it. I’ve played it a few times now and it still feels fresh. The cards make each game different which is a good thing.

Result: It’s high up on the game night rotation.


Played the retail version recently and had fun with it.

Result: I’ll play it as long as I haven’t played it too recently.


Played this since Essen and it’s OK. Got screwed on a card draw which swapped some stuff on the board in the last turn. Didn’t leave me feeling good about this game.

Result: I’ve had enough of it


Played this a few times since using different variants and still enjoy it, my second favourite trick taking game.

Result: I’ll continue to enjoy it.

Tanto Cuore

A fun deck building game that I play a lot on the iOS.

Result: Will continue to enjoy the iOS version.


Not a great game…

Result: No desire to play it again.

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