Game Rewind – November 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in November 2015.

Not a bad month really.

One Night Revolution

One Night Revolution First Play

Hidden role game that tried to add a little extra something in the form of what was essentially a ‘second role’… Also tried to resolve the issue some people had with players making noise in the night phase… didn’t work really.

Result: Not as good as it’s Vampiric and Werewolfy cousins, Sold it.

Epic Card Game

Epic Card Game Review

Epic Box

Great card game that puts a big twist on Magic the Gathering. Sadly i don’t get to play it as much as I’d like but I’m determined to put more effort into changing that.

Result: Doesn’t replace Magic, but works alongside it.

Saint Petersburg (Second Edition)

Saint Petersburg (Second Edition) First Play

Saint Petersburg Box

Excellent and quite classic engine building game of buying cards to build your tableau.

Result: Great game, still own it and play it.

Between Two Cities

Between Two Cities First Play

Pretty nice tile drafting game where you build a city with each player either side of you, the least valuable of these two cities is your final score.

Result: Not bad, cooling off to it though.


Shakespeare First Play

Decent game where you’re putting on a play including writing the script, hiring actors and dressing them up. Also, you build the stage…

Result: Good, but good isn’t good enough! 🙂

10′ to Kill

10′ to Kill First Play

Interesting puzzle where you’re trying to work out what characters in a city your opponents are in control of.

Result: To reliant on precise feedback, like a social deduction game, where a misspoken word can ruin the game a bit.

In A Bind

In A Bind First Play

Decent dexterity type game that has you wrapped up… I’ve spent the last year with a bad neck, back, knee and shoulder so that’s me out!

Result: AI’ll play again when I’m back fit.

Go Da Cheese!

Go Da Cheese First Play

Nice card game of playing cats to catch mice and mice to eat cheese

Result: Still own this, play it when I feel like it.

Dungeon Busters

Dungeon Busters First Play

Interesting idea where you play a card representing a dungeoneer to defeat a monster… Defeat the monster and draft treasure starting with the player that played the lowest value character, lose and if you played the lowest you lose a third of your treasure.

Result: Nice idea, cute, but just didn’t stick.

Flick ’em Up!

Flick ’em Up! First Play

Nice, fairly thematic dexterity game of Cowboys vs Outlaws… Long setup time, heavy box and things counted against it.

Result: Give me Pitch Car, Crockinole or Ice Cool any time.

Runebound (Third Edition)

Runebound (Third Edition) First Play

Runebound Box

Epic fantasy adventure game with cool mechanisms but I haven’t played it since this first time.

Result: Still like it, need to play it again at some point!

Through the Ages: A NEW Story of Civilisation

Through the Ages First Play

Through the Ages A New Story of Civilization Box

A very good, if not long, civ building game with cards and cubes.

Result: Best civ game I’ve played.


Articulate First Play

Party game I hardly remember.

Result: Meh


Zhanguo First Play

Another game I hardly remember but at least I think positively about it… Decent Euro with plenty of cubes n things

Result: I’ll play it again to jog my memory 🙂

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Warhammer Quest Card Game First Play

Excellent co-op card based dungeon crawl adventure game that sadly didn’t get expansions quick enough and then FFG lost the Games Workshop license so that’s that.

Result: Could have been great, hopefully the excellent system is put to use.


Trisete First Play

Trieste Box

Great 3 player only game where each player players either Thieves, Guards or Merchants with each player needing a second player to prevent the third one winning. It balances so well here.

Result: Still have it, still play it, it’s great.

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