Game Rewind – November 2014

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A look back at games I played for the first time in November 2014.

Quite the mix this month.

Panic on Wall Street

Panic on Wall Street Box


A very fun trading game that I have played from both sides (Buyer and Seller), and won. Very frantic but does require a high (and uneven) player count to work.

Result: Will play again, may even purchase this still.

Wits & Wagers


As fun as a quiz game can get. Here you try to get the answer right, but if you don’t know it you can bet on who you think does. A great way of balancing a quiz game.

Result: Will play again, but a UK based version would be nice.

Legends of Adventure


The first Kickstarter I ever back and it arrived nearly 3 years late. It’s a game so bad I didn’t even bother inflicting it on other people after a solo run through.

Result: Sold without playing fully.



A spin on trick taking in a way that I didn’t understand in the first game. I did in the second game but it didn’t help me 🙂

Result: Better small cards games are available.


Blueprints Box


A very good dice game that is different to any other game really. The way you build towers with dice and try and maximise your points is a lot of fun.

Result: Bought and keeping.



A pseudo-deck building area control game that has a unique way to do battle with other players that makes it feel like a war lasting several years.

Result: Still in my collection, for now.

Marvel Legendary

Marvel Legendary Box


Cheating here as I’d played this A LOT before November 🙂

A great deck building game based in the Marvel Universe. So many combinations available for each game and it’s still expanding.

Result: I have since bought this and will be keeping it as long as no other Legendary property replaces it (Probably Firefly :))

Marvel Legendary: Villains


Same as Legendary but you play the Villains with much harsher cards and more messing with the other players.

Result: I don’t own this, I’m not a fan.



Very nice 2 player game but still only a 2 player game. I owned it briefly but never even got close to playing it.

Result: Worth picking up if you play 2 player games.

Imperial Settlers


A very nice and cute resource management, city building game with great art and very nice game play.

Initial draw could be lucky and the drafting can take a while but it’s still nice.

Result: I need to play this again.



Decent puzzle game that I bought, but after one play I decided I’d had enough.

Result: Better puzzle games are available.

La Isla


Nice, quick little Feld card game that I have played twice and won twice. Glad I got this second play in as I was unsure about the game after the first play.

Result: Willing to put my unbeaten record on the line.

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game


Average story driven survival game. The stories are good, but the game isn’t.

Result: Would play with a fun group.



Fairly standard worker placement type game

Result: Would rather play a different Euro.

Medieval Academy


Medieval Academy Box

A very nice drafting game with a cool theme and nice artwork. It’s very competitive and challenging but very simple to play.

Result: Still planning to pick this up, but will compete with Nevermore in my collection.



A very nice and quick 2 player deduction game. But it’s still 2 player.

Result: Would rather play a deduction game for more players.

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