Game Rewind – May 2013

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A look back at the games I played for the first time in May 2013

How did they hold up?


The Resistence: Avalon Review

Well I’ve played it a lot in the last year, and bought it.

I’ve played with 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 players and enjoyed each game.

When I first started playing I was looking at people who were experienced who could work out who was who by the way they voted and I thought they were some kind of physic! But now I get it. I know what I’m looking for now and that adds to the enjoyment.

I even have fun being a Loyal Servant of Arthur which I know a lot of people don’t like.

Result: Love it!

Rush n Crush

Rush n Crush First Play

Probably not, with games like Race! Formula 90 I not sure why I would. It was fiddly with tiny cars.

Result: Not interested

Road Rally USA

Road Rally USA First Play

So I enjoyed this game at the time and I still think it’s one of the better racing games.

I did consider buying it but I never got around to getting it. Now I have games like Gravwell which is a hand management race that I do own. There are also a couple of copies of Race! Formula 90 in my group. I don’t need to buy it any more.

Result: I would like to play it again.


Carcassonne Review

This is an interesting one for me. I really like it, it’s constantly in my top 5 games but I never actually play it. I’m not against playing it, I just always seem to play something else.

I have the base set with Rivers (I like the Rivers), Rivers 2 (I REALLY like the Rivers), Inns and Cathedrals (I like the bigger guys) and The Ferries (Which is a nice little mechanic) but there’s always something new to play. Most of the gaming groups I go to had their fill of this game back in the day so it doesn’t get played.

Result: Will play it almost any time… as long as there’s nothing else to play apparently.


6D6 First Play

We have a D&D campaign, a Star Wars Edge of the Empire Campaign, a Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game Campaign as well as Zombicide and Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island to play though. Also, Dead of Winter is out later this year and there’s that constant new game supply coming in (You guys know what I mean :))

It’s not that I don’t want to play it, it’s just that I haven’t yet. Seeing as I’ve had it for 5 years it’s about time I did though, right?

Result: One day…


Saboteur First Play

I still like it… I really do.

But, when the filler of choice is the same over and over it does grind a bit. It’s the same feeling I get when I looked back at Coup.

It’s a good game that I played too much. I don’t feel that about Love Letter though which I’m pretty sure I played 20 times more than either of them. I think this is due to down time being quite hefty for a filler due to the player numbers, I feel that about Coup too.

Result: If it’s the only game going, I’ll play.

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Review

I still really like this game, it’s still in my top 10, I still own it and I still play it regularly.

I have yet to explore the game fully and I haven’t played a Warfare strategy at all in any game. I’ve won via colonising, producing/trading and researching and each of these has felt different.

It was feeling a little ‘samey’ at times recently, not a great deal like some games can but I was starting to feel like I have played this game before.

Luckily the expansion, Escalation is out now so I’m back into this game with renewed vigour. Adding a 5th player is great! Making the ships have different values also adds a little something. You can use ships for research, planets have additional types.. wow, loads of stuff!

The most important of these new things is the Scenario cards. Each player gets a different start position with a different deck and starting technologies. This adds a huge amount to the game and with the number of Scenario cards available you’ll very rarely play even a similar game more than once.

Result: Will play whenever you like 🙂


Krysis First Play

At the time I was fairly new to the hobby and still seeing every game I played as ‘new’ and ‘exciting’.

I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s good but I can literally name 100 games I’d rather play.

Result: I would play if offered, but I wouldn’t ask to play myself.


Alhambra  First Play

I like this game for it’s simplicity, tactical play and tile placement. (even if it is a bit weird)

I play it quite a bit on iOS but I didn’t actually get the game until quite recently. I got New York, a re-theme but essentially the same game and we played it once.

After hearing complaints about not having the right tiles available, not having the right money available and not being able to use the exact amount to buy, I decided this wasn’t a good fit for my group.

I do like the game though, with the right people.

Result: I’m happy to play this any time.


Guildhall First Play

When we played this at the Expo we really enjoyed it. My friend thought about it for an hour or so before eventually deciding to go buy it. Sadly, in that hour, it sold out.

He did eventually get it later on, as did someone in my game group so I’ve played it a couple of times.

I still find it frustrating. Knowing your guys are going to be killed, stolen or traded with nothing you can do about it before your next turn leaves me feeling sad.

However, it is a very strategic game, AP aside, it’s fun.

Result: I’ll play it when it offered up.

Lords of War

Lords of War First Play

Not wasting my time on this. It’s not very good.

If I want to play a game like this I would play Berserk or Tash Kalar. Otherwise there are plenty of other games I could play with 2 people.

I will, however, buy the iOS version when/if it comes out as I feel it will make a good tablet game.

Result: No thank you


Keyflower First Play

I played it a few times with different people when I first got it with different people and enjoyed it a lot. I loved the way the bidding works and the resource management and tile laying. It’s a very nice game.

I then saw the expansion at Essen and couldn’t bring myself to buy it, I realised I was a little fed up of the game. It was a little too long and had fiddly rules that new people couldn’t grasp too well and in a world where games are very rarely played multiple times, it was a constant teaching/learning process.

I eventually sold it to pay for buying another game but I don’t dislike the game at all.

Result: I’d play it again, but only to give the expansion a go.

Shadows Over Camelot: The Card Game

Shadows Over Camelot: The Card Game First Play

As freaky as it is, I have no interest in playing this again.

If I want to play a Memory game I’ll play Bluff Im Zoo and I’m spoilt for choice for traitor games.

Result: I’ll pass.

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