Game Rewind – March 2016

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A look back at games I played for the first time in February 2016.

Below average.

Titan Race

Titan Race First Play

A very nice race game where players are fighting to win the race, literally.

You’re moving fantasy figures around fantasy tracks with several different terrain types firing weapons and pushing each other into hazards.

It’s very fun, but it falls into a gap where I’d rather play Jamaica if I want that racing feeling, or more traditional filler if I want to pass time.

Still, closest to Mario Kart we have yet.

Result: Very nice, but not for me.

Ghost Blitz

Ghost Blitz First Play

Decent speed game of picking up an object that either matches the card, or doesn’t at all.. It messes with your head!

Result: Good to fill 5-10 minutes


Quadropolis First Play

Very nice city building game with the restrictions on which tile you can take to add to your city also restricts where you can play it.

Played it twice the day I got it, but I sold it yesterday having not played it in a year.

Result: Still like it, but if I’m not playing it it’s got to go.

Best Treehouse Ever

Best Treehouse Ever First Play

Decent, fun card game of building a tree house using a set collection mechanism that also requires that you keep the tree house balanced.

Result: Not too bad.


Arcadia First Play

Tedious theme park game I hoped was going to replace Splendor, but it didn’t. Not even close.

Result: Dull.

Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout First Play

Decent quiz game, nothing special but fun.

Result: Good fun for a bit.


Time’n’Space First Play

Nice real time pick up and deliver game with sand timers used to measure when a ship can be activated. Good mechanisms tempt other players to deliver to you as well as tempt your deliveries.

Would be good, but the sand timers were not even close to being equal.

Result: Needs digital timers and I’ll play it again.

Steampunk Rally

Steampunk Rally First Play

Very fun dice, tile placement racing game where you build a car and try and keep it together while winning a race.

WAY too many mechanisms mixed together here…

Result: Good, but not VERY good.

Pirates of the Spanish Main: Shuffling the Deck

Pirates of the Spanish Main: Shuffling the Deck First Play

A very nice game where you manipulate a row of ships, one of which is yours, but that information is hidden from the other players. Good for a Guillotine style game.

Result: A little too physically fiddly to be a keeper.

Helionox: The Last Sunset

Helionox: The Last Sunset First Play

Very nice and interesting deck building game where you explore planets and do a lot of unique things to score points. However, unique doesn’t make a deck builder stand out.

Result: Good, but not VERY good (again :))

Dry Gulch Junction

Dry Gulch Junction First Play

Great mechanisms tie together to make a weird game about building up a town in the Old West.

Result: Very good mechanisms in an average game

Lords of Vegas

Lords of Vegas First Play

Nice game of developing land and building Casinos. It ties in a gambling mechanism into the game for refitting property which fits the theme really well.

Nice components and fun, yet cutthroat, game play

Result: Haven’t had the chance to, but I’d play it again.

Loopin’ Chewie

Loopin’ Chewie First Play

VERY fun and silly take on Loopin’ Louie.

Result: Good laugh for 10 minutes

World of Yo-Ho

World of Yo-Ho First Play

Innovative game where you use your phone as a ship and move it around a board completing missions and fighting other players. The phone allows for a lot of hidden information.

The game ended when the battery ran out on my old phone.

Result: I’d try it again with my new phone.

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