Game Rewind – March 2014

Posted on by Jesta

A look back at games I played for the first time in March 2014.

A month of “once was enough” games.

Fortress America


A pretty good 3v1 dudes on a map game that I enjoyed, but have no interest in playing again. Other ‘dudes on a map‘ games are better for me.

Result: Once was enough.

I’m the Boss


A nice ‘Screw You’ style negotiation game. Trying to work with some players while others are damaging negotiations is fun. Other ‘negotiation‘ games are better for me.

Result: Once was enough.

High Society


High Society Box

A more tactical version of For Sale. More of a game, VERY harsh at times. You have to spend money to win, but spend the most and you automatically lose.

Result: I would play this again.

Treasures and Traps


A nice little Dungeon crawl filler but was far too random for me. Other ‘fillers‘ are better for me.

Result: Once was enough.

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