Game Rewind – March 2013

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Games I played for the first time in March 2013

What do I think now?

Blood Bowl Team Manager

Blood Bowl Team Manager  Review

When we played this a year ago and I wrote about it I had just got the expansion, Sudden Death.

We’ve played it a few times since and I still enjoy playing it and it’s one of many games I just don’t play enough.

I love the tactics of controlling a match-up, of knowing when to play the big guy or the Star Player or when to call a match-up a loss and focus elsewhere.

It kinda competes with Smash Up in our gaming group and Smash Up is more accessible to the rest of our group, but, I’ve loved Blood Bowl for as long as I can remember and the universe of this ‘sport’ is one that interests me a lot.

Result: I still own this game and am always available to play it.


Genegrafter First Play

Well, we didn’t like it at the time and it never got any better.

I don’t say this a lot but the game appeared flawed. There wasn’t enough characters to go around and those that came out could die to easy so for a combat game there wasn’t a lot of combat.

Maybe the mini-expansion made this better? I’ll never know.

It took a LONG time to sell this, I eventually managed it.

Result: I no longer own this game, I don’t want to play it again.

Puzzle Strike

Puzzle Strike Review

I like this game. I like that it is a deck building game with a great twist that forces combat in a fun way.

Each character is different and plays very uniquely and you do have to change your game play to match the character you are playing with.

But, this is a game where the more you play it the better you get at it. You know when to take a hit, when to crash and counter crash, what to buy when etc

I played this a lot, my opponents had not and I was winning easily, too easily. If I had played good players and be challenged by it I would still have it in my collection. Sadly I had to let it go.

Result: I no longer own this game but I would be open to playing it again.

Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep First Play

When I got this I LOVED the game.

I didn’t own a worker placement game so it was the first in my collection. The components were BEAUTIFUL, the box and insert was great and the game was potentially fun.

After the first game I really liked it. The choices that need to be made, the tactics of taking spaces on the board or taking the first player pawn is brilliant.

The ‘cubes’ are awful and sacrificing them for missions is still a terrible system, DnDeeples or not. They’re just cubes and players refer to them by colour, not character class.

So yeah after the first game I thought it was great.

But part of the way into the second game I found I was repeating the same thing over and over. I didn’t find it very interesting.

I was bored…

I do play the iOS version solo from time to time while watching TV.

Result: I no longer own this game, I’m not too fussed about plaything it, even with the expansion.

Summoner Wars

Summoner Wars First Play

I enjoyed this at the time we played it. We have mostly played this game 2v2 teams and it’s been a good laugh.

With the 2v2 games we play being good I would like to get into having 2 simultaneous games of 1v1 to see what that’s like.

I love the tactical movement of the cards mixed with the Magic the Gathering style summoning and attacking. I LOVE the way you produce resources for summoning by removing cards, that is a great system that works really well and gives you some tough choices.

Yeah dice combat can be a bit random but if you play your race correctly you can mitigate some of the luck required.

We really haven’t played this enough and as Diablos owns it I never think to suggest it.

I feel a 4 player tournament is coming soon 😀

Result: Would love to play again

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