Game Rewind – June 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in June 2015.

A busy month (UK Games Expo etc) with an above average result.


Witness First Play

A 4 player only game of sharing information and memory retention.

Each player essentially has 1 piece of a 4 piece puzzle and you each tell each other what you know in a specific order. You never have direct contact with the player diagonally opposite you so everything they have you hear via a 3rd party…

There are rules for what you can and can’t say but once everyone has been back and forth you are presented with questions to answer. The more you get right the better you have done.

Result: Fun game, would play again if in the right mood with the right people


Roborally First Play

A programming game of racing robots around a map trying to hit targets.

You can bump into other players and shoot them to mess up their programmed actions hopefully causing them to fall down holes etc

Result: Too long to be fun, but also, not fun either.


Hive @ UK Games Expo

Pretty neat abstract game with sturdy pieces. You’re trying to surround your opponents Queen by moving bits which represent insects that move differently depending on the creepy crawly they are.

Result: 2 Player, and more complex than most


Nexus @ UK Games Expo

A seemingly random numbers game that works similar to Qwirkle.

Result:Needs development.


Crockinole @ UK Games Expo

Crockinole Board

A VERY good dexterity game of flicking disks into a hole…

Obviously there is more to it than that but you get the idea. You flick to knock your opponents into the gutter. You score for their relative location on the board. Games are quick so you can play several in an hour.

I had no interest in playing this at all but after 10 minutes of play I was pricing up boards.

Result: Want to own


Codenames @ UK Games Expo

Codenames Box

We played a VERY early prototype of this word game and couldn’t wait for it to be released.

Now it has and it’s as good as those early plays.

Result: Overplayed, but still a good one.


Versailles First Play

A euro about building this where the entire board is like a massive rondel.

A nice idea but something was missing, it doesn’t feel good.

Result: Not bad, not good, would like to see this ‘one big rondel’ Mechanism in a better game.


Deus First Play

Deus Box

A good card based game where you use cards to take actions to build on a board. You gather resources, move units all to score points.

The cards played are in columns of their type and when you play a new card into that column you activate all of them so you try to combo up if you can. You can also play cards that benefit from rows of different cards so you can just play into one column.

I just feel you need to be as route 1 as possible, no room for experimenting with combinations of cards.

I’ve played 5 games (4 online, 1 in real life) and won them all.

Result: Retire undefeated


Pictomania First Play

A fun reimplementation of Pictionary where you trying to guess the other players drawing at the same time as draw them.

Very tough but a lot of fun.

Result: Would play if in the right mood.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop First Play

A hidden role game where you have 3 role cards each and if a majority are good or bad that decides which team you’re on. 1 Card is the kingpin and that player will be on the bad guy team regardless with the Agent always on the good team.

Each team is trying to rout out the leader of the other team without giving away which team they’re on or accidentally revealing the allegiance of someone on their team.

You mostly look at cards of the other players but you can also grab equipment or pick up a gun and point it at someone. You can shoot them to take them out.

I’ve only played it with 4 and I think it needs more players.

Result: Would play it again but with a larger group.


Coyote First Play

Coyote Box

A fantastic Perudo-esque game based on the classic “Rizla Game” game.

You have a headband with a card in it so you can see all the cards but your own. You go around the table saying a number, increasing it as it goes around the table. Instead of saying a number you can call out the person before you and if their number is OVER the total of all cards combined they lose a life, if they’re under you lose one.. Last player standing wins.

The trick comes with some cards being really small such as 0 or even minus numbers while some cards double the total…

So as you look around the table you might see a bunch of low numbers but you might be doubling the total. You have to listen to what people think and try and work out what you have. Possible… hard but possible…

Result: Looking to own this…

The Game… Spiel… So Lang du Kannst!

The Game: Spiel… so lange du kannst! Review

The Game Box

A co-op game where you’re trying to play as many cards with numbers on them onto piles that increase or decrease as possible before no one can play a card.

But players can’t communicate about what’s in their hand so it never goes as smoothly as you hope.

Result: Own it, I don’t play it much nowadays but I’ve enjoyed it when I do.


Viticulture First Play

A nice looking Euro about Wine making…

I don’t remember much about it other than everything works well together, but I’m not sure how a second play would let me play any differently.

Result: Nice, but no.

Nations: The Dice Game

Nations: The Dice Game Review

A very simple game of rolling dice and using them to buy tiles which give you abilities and points in a variety of ways.

You start with basic dice and upgrade to better ones as the game goes on. The tiles you buy give you abilities such as one off resources or end game points.

It’s very light, very simple and gives a fairly abstracted Civ experience in less than 30 mins. It’s pretty too.

Result: Still own it, for now.

Waggle Dance

Waggle Dance First Play

A very pretty Euro-ish game of using bees to pollinate flowers to make honey.

I like dice placement games but I don’t like racing to a target, in this case the first player to make 5 honey wins.

Result: Plenty of other games about making things available.

Eggs and Empires

Eggs and Empires First Play

One of those “simultaneously choose and reveal a card, activate and resolve in order” games. You’re collecting Eggs, some are good, some are bad so from round to round you need to look to take one, or avoid taking one.

Result: Good, but games like Mission: Red Planet do a similar thing better.


Stichling First Play

A trick taking game where you play up to 4 tricks at once. Not much to say other than it didn’t work as well as I hoped it would.

Result: Not for me.

Romans Go Home

Romans Go Home First Play

A simple game of playing cards in rows to create columns where you fight over players for Forts at the top of each column. These columns give end game points and some give abilities.

The cards you play have different abilities so you can plan a head as some buff your next card or debuff your opponents cards.

Result: Wouldn’t own, but would play.

Specter Ops

Specter Ops First Play

A hidden movement game where multiple hunters are searching for a saboteur.

The game looks great and is stripped right down to the basics so it’s smoother and quicker than games like Fury of Dracula.

Result: Played it since and enjoyed it again.

Glory to Rome

Glory to Rome First Play

Glory to Rome Box

Great game of using multi use cards to build things to score points.

A card can be in 6-7 different places and depending where it is it defines what is is and what its purpose will be. It’s mainly an action selection game with a bit of engine building and it’s VERY competitive.

Result: Very good, but I prefer Mottainai for it’s design (and availability :))

Darkest Night

Darkest Night First Play

An adventure game where you are fighting evil on a board similar to A Touch of Evil or Runebound.

The game is simple but it does give you a tense ‘race against the clock’ feel where you think you’re going to lose at any minute.

Result: Thematic, would rather play something with a little more game.

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing

D&D Attack Wing First Play


Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing Box

Fantastic miniatures game using the same system as X-Wing but includes grounds units. It’s great to see a group of Hobgoblins marching alongside Giants with Dragons flying around.

The rules are easy, the minis are cool and game play is fun. I don’t get to play it as much as I’d like due to it being hard to transport etc but I like having it set-up on my shelf.

Result: Great game!

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